• ​Florida Steel Frame & Truss Mfg LLC

Our Mission

To educate and support an industry shift towards the use of sustainable construction materials that are designed to be stronger and last longer without significantly increasing cost.

Our Values

1) Innovation

2) Integrity

3) Excellence

Our Strength

Faster turnaround times and lower pricing on LGS trusses and LGS framing with builder/owner-direct shipping!

FSFTM - A Leader in LGS Trusses & LGS Framing

We provide a complimentary review of architectural plans to help developers, contractors, and property owners maximize value in their construction projects by minimizing on-site wastage and reducing costs while simultaneously improving the structural integrity of new buildings.

With the emergence of Open Floorplan home design and larger clear spans in commercial buildings, the need for light gauge steel trusses is constantly increasing and FSFTM is here to meet that demand with shipping across the Continental USA, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Call us today to see how FSFTM can help add value to your next construction project!

Founder & Managing Member

Khamir Patel is the founder and managing partner of Florida Steel Frame & Truss Manufacturing, LLC (FSFTM). Since early on, Khamir was fascinated by the construction process and had the opportunity to be involved alongside his father on multiple hotel construction and renovation projects in Florida. While his father continued on in the hospitality industry, more specifically operations and day-to-day management, Khamir further developed his interest in construction. Khamir secured his state certified general contractor license and developed the Tampa-based construction company, KHP Homes, known for successful development of residential and commercial properties including large custom homes, hotels, medical offices, and apartment complexes. In 2018, to support the continuing growth of his construction company and the increasing demand for high-performance framing systems in Florida, Khamir started FSFTM, with the vision of influencing other builder's to join the green revolution and make the switch from conventional framing systems to light gauge steel trusses and light gauge steel framing systems. Under Khamir's management, Florida Steel Frame & Truss Manufacturing continues its rapid growth and now supplies light gauge steel trusses and framing to projects throughout the Continental USA, Canada, and the Carribean Islands.

Why Steel?

Superman, isn’t known as “The Man of Wood,” or, “The Man of Cinder Block.” So why build with these materials?

Advances in steel fabrication have made it possible to build trusses and framing for residential and commercial buildings entirely with light gauge steel. While steel is more expensive than wood and cinderblock, the additional expenses are offset by reduced labor and overhead.

Steel is a high-quality building material that is resistant to mold, mildew, termites, and other pests. Due to its non-combustible nature, steel can resist temperatures upto 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit and is a great choice for buildings in areas prone to hurricanes, tornados , and earthquakes. It also does not crack, rot, decay, or emit VOCs over its lifetime making it a safe and clean choice for use in your next construction project. 

  • Superior Strength
  • High-Wind & Seismic Ratings
  • Longevity & Durability
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Highly Customizable

Why Choose FSFTM?

Florida Steel Frame & Truss Manufacturing LLC (FSFTM) offers excellent spanning capabilities for light gauge steel (LGS) trusses and framing systems allowing designers, builders, and property owners to incorporate grand open spaces into their building.

FSFTM's LGS framing systems and LGS trusses are safe to use with most building products and can be substituted for cinderblock (CMU), wood framing, and other framing systems with relative ease. Our team of in-house engineers are available to assist in creating a full product design package customised to the needs of your project.